Preparing for a property purchase in 2020

If you are considering buying a property in Dubai in 2020, now is the time to start preparing. With prices at current levels and favourable interest rates for mortgage products, get yourself in the best position to hit the ground running on your property purchase from January!

New Year – new opportunities

For many, the festive season and New Year allows time for reflection and brings plans and resolutions for the upcoming year. Whether you’re aiming for a new job, a new home or growing your investments…. the list is endless, the new year is a great time to explore change and new possibilities.

In the property market, as with most years, December tends to be a quieter month with shorter weeks and many taking remaining annual leave before the year closes out. However, following the lull of December, January comes around quickly and in full swing. In 2020 in particular, we anticipate there will be increased interest and activity in the property market as we enter the new year. With more buyers, both residents and non-resident investors, looking to push forward with their property purchases with renewed energy.

2020 is set to be a big year for the UAE, and Dubai specifically with Expo 2020 taking centre stage, the influx of workers and visitors will have a definite effect on the property market over the course of the year.

Taking advantage of the current situation

Current property prices across Dubai, combined with favourable interest rates for mortgages, make buying at this time a logical investment decision. Analysis of the market shows that the decline in property prices across the Emirate have slowed coming to the end of the year, and could be set to rise – making now the perfect time to get the best possible deal for your new home or investment.

If you are interested in buying in 2020, then we would advise that you get yourself in the best position to do so before entering the year – starting with a mortgage pre-approval.

Understanding the mortgage process

With less than a month left until the end of the year, any pre-approved mortgage will be valid for 60 days. It only takes around five working days through Mortgage Finder to get that pre-approval in hand, so if you are looking to take advantage of current property prices and purchase early in 2020, getting that pre-approval process started is the first step to

What does a mortgage pre-approval mean?

Lenders cannot finalise your mortgage deal with you until everything has been looked at. This can leave buyers in a chicken-and-egg situation: how can you confidently shop around for a new home if you don’t know that you can get the right mortgage, yet how can you get a mortgage if you don’t know what home you plan to buy?

Enter the pre-approval process. While not completely finalised, a mortgage pre-approval means that the lender has taken a preliminary look at your situation and is willing to lend the money – pending final evaluations. In essence, this means that if there are no holes in your financial picture, and the property you plan to buy is a good investment, the mortgage application will be successful.

Real estate agents and sellers value a pre-approval highly; seeing it as a serious intent to buy and understanding that barring a change in circumstance, the backing is there for you to do so.

Put yourself in the best possible position to move forward easily with your property search and subsequent purchase in the new year by securing mortgage pre-approval in advance.

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