5 reasons you should use a mortgage specialist

1. You will save money.

Good mortgage brokers are true mortgage specialists that live and breathe mortgages and have relationships with all of the top lenders, giving them access to the best mortgage rates.

This allows them to quickly match the best mortgage products to each client, based on the client’s needs, saving thousands in upfront purchase costs and much more over the duration of the loan.

2. You will save time and hassle.

Successful mortgage brokers have good relationships with banks and understand where they can be flexible, or more cautious. This allows them to easily recommend the most suitable mortgage product based on your profile.

You can call 20+ banks and lenders, and browse mortgage comparison sites, but often the best rates won’t be given to you, or information will be out of date.

Alternatively, you can call one good mortgage expert who will compare all available mortgages and recommend the best one for your needs.

We work for you, not the banks.

Our mortgage brokers are independent and impartial with extensive knowledge of the entire home loan market.

3. You will get access to exclusive mortgage products.

Our strong relationships with banks, as well as the volume of business we give them, means we’re able to negotiate exclusive discounts including reduced fees and interest rates. This can save you thousands.

4. You will get impartial advice.

Unlike the banks, an independent mortgage broker will work for you from initial consultation until you take ownership of the property. Their primary interest is getting you the best mortgage, so you can be sure that you’ll get the best product based on your needs.

5. You will get a VIP service.

Once your mortgage pre-approval is complete, things can start to get complicated! There are all sorts of issues and obstacles that can arise, from low valuations that need challenging to major issues with developers. We manage the mortgage process from start to finish, dealing with all potential hurdles to ensure you’re able to buy your dream property.