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Exclusive 1-year fix

3.14% fixed for 1 year

Best offset product available in the market
50% discount on processing fee
4.5% of fees can be included in the mortgage
25% penalty free overpayments p.a.
Low reversion margin

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5-year fixed rate

4.99% fixed for 5 years

ZERO processing and arrangement fees
FREE life and property insurance for the first 5 years
FREE valuation (cost refunded on successful completion)
4.5% of fees can be included in the mortgage Low reversion margin

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Resident rates

From 2.99%

Low rates are available for residents, with the option to pay interest only for the first 5 years! Plus, there are no salary transfer requirements and super low application fees.

Calculate your monthly costs

Frequently Asked Questions

A mortgage, or home loan, is a loan taken out to buy property or land. In addition to repaying the loan amount, the borrower is obligated to make interest payments to the lender. The home or land is served as collateral, meaning that the ownership of the real estate will transfer to the lender if the borrower fails to repay the loan under the mortgage loan agreement.

The amount you can borrow for the mortgage will be based on your annual income, personal circumstances and on the value of the property you are buying. Ultimately, the mortgage amount will come down to what the mortgage lender thinks is a sensible amount to lend to you and what you think you can afford.

Dubai and UAE residents and non-residents, salaried and self employed clients can apply for a mortgage. We can offer mortgage deals also for property buyers with only rental income, with commercial property or with land.

Read more about UAE Mortgage Law on

Our quick and easy Mortgage Calculator for Dubai and UAE will help you to work out your monthly mortgage payments. Simply enter the property value, the term over which you intend to pay it off, the amount of down payment and the interest rate. Our Mortgage Calculator will then give you the total monthly payment, specifying both interest and payment towards the capital loan amount, as well as additional costs you may need to pay.

You may be able to afford more (or less) depending on your down payment and/or the purchase price.

Please note that these figures are only a guide based on the provided information. For expert mortgage advice and a personalised summary of your mortgage options, speak to us (+971 4 248 2 333)

If you’re not a mortgage expert, getting a mortgage in the UAE can be a complex process. Here’s a summary of the key steps:

Understand how much it will cost you

There are many factors for would-be borrowers to consider: from the upfront costs to deciding on the mortgage duration and whether to opt for a variable or fixed interest rate.

Use our Mortgage Calculator to estimate your monthly mortgage payments and give you an indication of what you can afford, then speak to us for a personalised quote.

Get pre-approval

Prospective buyers should first obtain mortgage pre-approval to confirm their budget before doing any serious property hunting. Signing a sales agreement requires the buyer to give a cheque for 10 percent of the purchase price - should you commit before securing financial approval and are subsequently refused bank finance, you will forfeit the deposit.

Speak to our expert mortgage brokers for a personalised summary of your mortgage options and to get pre-approved (+971 4 248 2 333)

Secure the right mortgage for you

Given that lending policies, fees and rates vary greatly between different banks, using a professional mortgage broker to advise you on the most suitable option will save you time, money and a lot of headache.

At Mortgage Finder, our expert mortgage brokers consider options from over 20 banks within Dubai and UAE, who offer as many as 250 different mortgage products, in order to get you the best home loan deal.

Whether you’re looking to get your mortgage in Dubai, or elsewhere in the UAE, Mortgage Finder is here to help at every moment. Find out more about us .

Many applicants make the mistake of going straight to their banks for mortgage loans; however, they might be missing out on better deals that can be obtained by doing a little research. Using a mortgage broker not only saves you time, but it gives you a helping hand throughout the entire process of obtaining a loan.

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Secure & free of charge This is a secure 128 bit-SSL encrypted channel
This is a secure 128 bit-SSL encrypted channel

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